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2 oz bath soak

Relax and enjoy the power of this bath soak! Revitalize your soul with the power of crystal and herbal healing!

What's in it?

Organic whole oats, pink hymalain salt, dried rose petals, dried sage, rose quartz chips

How do I use it?

You can hang the tea off your faucet and let the water run thru as it fills your tub with love, or you can drop the whole thing into a hot tube with you! The warm water will release the benefits and aroma!

What will it do for me?

Rose Quartz is a powerful crystal with so many healing benefits! It represents love! Self-love is so important. It will ease your anxiety and fill you with loving healing vibes!

Sage not only smells like a dream but has many body, mind and soul benefits! Clear negative energy away from yourself while inviting feelings of peace! Wonderful calming aromas will fill your tub! High in Several Nutrients packs a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals
Loaded With Antioxidants
Can ease menopause symptoms, reduce Blood Sugar Levels, may Support Memory and Brain Health, May Protect Against Certain Cancer and much more!

Hymalain Salt is known to clear negative energy from your space and body. It can improve respiratory diseases, Balance your body's pH, Reduce signs of aging, Improve sleep quality, Regulate blood sugar, Increase libido and so much more!

Oats can soak up excess oil in the skin and even treat breakouts. It can remove dead skin cells and treat dry skin. It has natural cleansing properties in it to remove dirt and oil that could clog your pores!

Rose Petals have such a symbolic self love meaning! But that is far from it! It is loaded with so many benefits for your skin and mental health! It can boost your mood and relieve anxiety. Soothe irritation of skin, brighten complexion and tighten your pores! The benefits of rose are endless!

This powerful combo will leave you feeling loved, at peace and soothed!