Selenite Palm Stone

Selenite Palm Stone

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All my crystal lovers know the importance of having SELENITE nearby!

Selenite is beyond gorgeous, occurring in white and yellow. It is one of the rare stones that has the power to cleanse itself and other crystals!

Selenite has the ability to pull negativity away from you and your space. It captures it and releases it upward, replacing it with love and light again! It has the ability to cleanse and charge itself, and even cleanse your other crystals. Keeping this close to your collection will have all your crystals working in tip top shape! Of course you can cleanse and charge your selenite too! Helping charge other stones can be a burden for this beauty, take care of it!

-brings good luck
-powerful protection stone
-clear, open and activate the crown and higher chakras through powerful vibrations
-perfect spiritual tool
-strenghen memory
-enchance physic ability
-deepen meditative state
-clears negative energy from self, space and other crystals
-self cleansing and charging
-brings you closer to spiritual realm if desired
-amplifies the energy and power of other stones
& so much more

Selenite is a def must have stone!

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