Roll-On Smudge

Roll-On Smudge

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This smudge has been something I have made for myself going back years. A true favorite, proving itself time and time again. I think it's time to share it!

♡This roll-on contains the power and intention of the moon, 4 powerful crystals, sage leaves, 4 natural essential oil blend including sage oil, crystal chips and good energy to combat any uneasy, unpleasant and unnecessary feelings you may be feeling.

♡This smudge roll-on is perfect for your pocket or purse. It makes a great everyday body perfume to protect yourself from any negative force.

☆☆This smudge has a very warm and sweet smell of sage, floral and vanilla spice. It will leave a rush of calm all across you! Banishing evil and negativity, replacing it with loving light!

Protect your soul and your spirit, always.. feel at ease with this mist!

How to:

Say your intentions when you use your roll-on.

Shake well.

Roll onto wrists, neck and other desired areas.

(100% safe to roll on skin, but keep away from eyes. Safe for children to be around but unsafe for them to handle in case of drinking or getting in eyes.)

Let the comfort and aroma take you into a peaceful safe place.

*keep out of reach of children

*do not put directly into eyes

*do not swallow

*use as much as desired or needed throughout the day

*let the powerful ingredients from the earth banish negativity and let in love and light


distilled moonwater, infused with 4 powerful crystals, witch hazel, dried sage, natural essential oil blend, including sage oil, crystal chips, love, good intentions, blessings, good vibes, more love