New Moon Bath Ritual

New Moon Bath Ritual

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💙Bath rituals with instructions for your ritual and relaxation right on the label.💚

🧡Clear your energy space and Revive your body and spirit with these amazing salts, each pack comes with awesome crystals to add to your collection after you use them in your bath ritual! COME SEE MORE BATH SALT RITUALS WWW.ETSY.COM/SHOP/SHESGROUNDED 💙

Each stone and herb used to make these salt where hand selected for their purpose. All natural ingredients from the earth herself.

🗣🗣All ingredients are natural and from the earth, listed on each label, you can see product photos!

🖤Get in the zone, breathe, relax, do your affirmations and soak up the power of the new moon while you relax and let go of everything no longer needed🖤

Add your desired amount of salts, recommended 1-3 uses per package. Package weigh is roughly 6oz give or take.

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