Large green aventurine tumble

Large green aventurine tumble

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1 pc extra large green aventurine tumble

Please know before buying that these are natural stones and no two are exactly alike.
Size,shape, color vary due to the natural stone

♡The good old stone of oppurtunity, one of the luckiest stones in the crystal family.

♡This stone will boost optimism and allow gratitude to flow through you.

♡It is a perfect meditation stone, linked to your heart chakra.

♡You can cleanse as needed and give this stone intent upon putting on your necklace.

♡Allow it to work with you and give you the strengths you lack.

♡It promotes harmony and balance while clearing out nasty negativity.

♡A perfect stone to move forward on your spiritual journey as luck, calmness and overall relief take hold.

♡This stone is known to bring prosperity and abundance aswell.

♡♡All around a must have in your crystal jewelry collection!
What could be a better way to carry this with you on your journey through life?