Lapis Lazuli Double Terminated Point

Lapis Lazuli Double Terminated Point

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High Quality Lapis Lazuli 

Double Terminated Points

1 pc



The history of Lapis lazuli goes back to ancient times. It worthy of its own book, but simply put, some of its healing properties are;

♡Deepens mediation

♡Raises Conciousness

♡Aids in spiritual growth

♡Promotes honest and open conversation

♡Balances yout personality

♡Gives clarity

♡Heals relationship

♡Emotional healing

♡Amplifies Dreams

♡Aids Self-awareness

♡Aids Self-expression

♡Inspires confidence

♡Rids wearer of negative energy

♡Protects wearer

There is literally so much this stone has to offer and a ton of history behind it, you could spend an entire day just reading all the interesting facts, health benefits, healing benefits and history!!!