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Finding the Right Crystal

Having trouble finding that "right" crystal for yourself!? Fear not! 9 times out of 10 the crystal will call out to you like an energy pull. If you don't get the calling choose by property and try to form a bond and connection with the energy emitted by the stone. Each stone vibrates at a certain frequency connecting energy and used for healing.

Here are some basic stones to choose from to start your healing journey.

Red jasper- great for grounding you and finding that deep rooted connection. Maybe you're feeling like you're lacking that deep rooted feeling of life. What brings you back to the center? Try working with this stone for all things grounding!

Rose quartz- awesome unconditional love stone. Emitting loving vibrations for love of self and all. Soothing, calming and loving, rose quartz csn be your go to stone!

Amethyst- great spiritual awakening stone. One of my favorites to use in all things spiritual deepening your intuitive side and also releasing calming effects. This is also a great stone to use for a clean life. It aids in helping with managing addiction.

Clear quartz- a great healing stone! Amplifier of energy and clearing of energy! Perfect to use side by side with another stone to Amp up the vibration of another or to use on it's own for all around clearing and opening of the chakras aswell as healing of any aliments, spiritual disconnect or mental health issues.

Try using one of the four

of these to begin your journey. Check the blog soon for tips and tricks on cleansing, charging and bringing intention to your stone!

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