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Welcome to ShesGrounded, your Home for Metaphysical Needs!!


I'm Jordan and I own ShesGrounded.

This Shop is my best accomplish and greatest personal pride!

You are buying from a small family owned business, we make a large variety of the items you see in the shop, as well as snag some good deals to bring you a wonderful assortment of products in range at a very affordable and friendly price. We want you to heal and grow without breaking your pockets! That is our mission! Family to family!


This shop was inspired by my own personal journey of self-love and healing. 

My life has never been exactly "easy" and it is my goal to let people know that you can heal and you can grow from anything.


No matter where you are in life there is always a way to make it something to be proud of!


I have grown a lot through meditation, energy healing, nature, manifestation and searching for a higher consciousness, it is with great pride to bring this right to your finger tips. 

Hi, my name is Mychaela and I am the website manager. I manage all the items here on the website. I also manage orders and ship them out. 

Jordan and I met in 2021 and became very close friends. I have been taking classes with her to grow in my spiritual journey and learn about mine and the universe's energies. She has taught me a ton and truly changed the way I view the world. 

I started out as a customer of ShesGrounded! Everyone part of this family is very welcoming and loving and I immediately felt welcomed into the family. I hope you feel the same love I do and welcome to the family!


Get all the tools you need here to awaken and manifest your dream life! 


A lot of love goes into each individual piece and a lot of positive energy packaged up and shipped off too!


You have come to the right place! Find the tools you need, take a class, love yourself a little more and use nature to connect deeper with the universe to live an abundant and beautiful life!




​Products that come damaged may be returned within 3 days of receiving the items. If they come in packaging, packaging must be unopened. Custom items that are made to order are not returnable due to the nature of the item. All refunds will be made once proof of items return is shown. 

If for any reason you receive an item that you are unhappy with or is defective we will handle it right away and get a replacement out to you. So far in the over three years we have been running, we haven't had an issue with anything. We take GREAT pride in assuring our customers are happy and very excited when their package arrives in the mail. Family to family, always. 

Please send all return requests to either or

Stone orders with no custom products ship in 1-3 business days.

You are supporting a small family owned business and putting very big smiles on our faces with every purchase. You are in the hands of family! You are what matters to us and you are what makes ShesGrounded what it is!

Join our blog to build a community and come see us on fb!

Remember to live everyday with intent! Make Magic and Love with all of your being!

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